22 Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers [they would love]

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Blogger’s Gift Guide – Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers

It took me a little time to jot down the list of best gifts for bloggers but every time somebody asks me about gift ideas for bloggers, I used to say, ‘hey, there are so many things!’.

Most bloggers and online business owners work from home. They have their own little home office, or maybe, just a laptop 🙂 But, there are still so many gifts for bloggers. Not just ordinary gift ideas but this is a practical gift guide for bloggers.

Whether it’s a holiday celebration, birthday, or blog anniversary, you can surprise your blogger friend with all these cute gift ideas. In this list, I made sure to include useful gifts for entrepreneurs or bloggers who work from home.

You can give them some great gifts!

Here are some really cool gift ideas for bloggers or business owners. You can choose what gifts you want for them.

I’m so sure they are going to like it!

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Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers

If you have a friend who runs a business from home, or maybe, an aspiring blogger, these ideas are perfect inspiration for you.

As a blogger, and online business owner, I do relate all of these blogging items and how essential these are for our business growth!

Let’s check out these.

Gift #1 – Blue Snowball Microphone

Most bloggers do use a good quality microphone to record videos, webinars, courses, and what not!

If you want to surprise your blogger friend with a high quality microphone that fits her business needs, definitely check this out.

Blue Snowball Microphone

Gift #2 – Blog Editorial Planner

As bloggers, we love planning content!

If you are looking for the best gift idea for blogger friend then definitely pick a beautiful planner.

Most bloggers use paper and pen to plan their content ideas, weekly routines etc.

Create Blog Planner is a great choice!

Gift #3 – Weekly and Monthly Planner

Maybe, you have a female blogger friend who loves all those cute planners with illustrations and everything.

If I speak of myself, I love collecting notebooks and planners. I have a dozen of unused notebooks that I just love collecting.

This Just Right Monthly Planner In Dessert Blossoms is a perfect gift for female bloggers.

Gift #4 – Website Hosting

Many aspiring bloggers are too afraid to start a blog because they have to get hosting first! Why not you give hosting as a gift so they can start their blogging website right away?

In order to build a self hosted website, you need to get hosting to host that website. You can simply get that by paying only $3.95/m.

==> Get the website hosting here.

Gift #5 – Blog Theme

This can be a really useful gift for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Buying a premium yet most responsive theme costs money. And, this is a perfect gift you can get for your business friend.

Just take a look at her blog or website and see if their site looks really old, and not-so-pretty.

Get a gorgeous blog theme for your female blogger friend.

You can pick from a huge collection of feminine wordpress themes.

Gift #6 – A book

The practical gift guide for bloggers is not complete without a good book for your blogger friend.

Here are few great books;

All Marketers are liars

Get over your damn self: The No-BS Blueprint to building a life-changing business

Conquer Procrastination : Proven strategies to maintain productivity

Gift #7 – Photography props

Whether you are a blogger, or instagram influencer, you do like those photography props. Give them all these creative ideas to capture better photographs for their business or blog.

This photo backdrop boards for flat lay looks so cute.

Gift #8 – All in one photo printer

Amazon offers great variety in electronic items. If you have been looking for a gift for your friend who owns a business or a blogger, this all in one printer is a good option.

Gift #9 – Gift educational courses

We love to taking courses and digital products. These are our learning resources to be better at blogging, marketing and growing the business online.

Now, there is a course or a useful digital product on almost every topic.

Here are some best digital products;

Evergreen Content Ebook – It’s my own product that covers everything about planning and publishing a successful blog post.

Ready Get Set Traffic – This course is most famous for increasing traffic to a website.

Pinterest Popular

Blog Monetisation Course

Blog Flipping Course –

Ebook BestSeller Bootcamp

Write your First $1000k with Freelance Writing

Gift #10 – Back Neck Massager

Anybody who works from home or has constant work on laptop definitely needs to relax their muscles.

My brother in law got this massager for himself. During COVID, he had to work from home and he used to complain about his neck and back.

Well, I do that too all the time and I think, this back and neck massager is a wonderful gift.

Gift #11 – 32 GB Usb flashdrive

Any blogger or online business owner who uses laptops or computers definitely use usb flashdrives.

Get an affordable 32 GB USB Flashdrive as a small gift.

You can get this gift along with other gifts.

Gift #12 – Earbuds

Earbuds and headphones are absolutely necessary items.

Wireless earbuds

Noise Cancelling headphones

This is a really cool and useful gift idea for bloggers.

Face masks are now a must-have accessory item. You don’t have to wear all those green surgical masks when you have an option to get a cool design or even, a custom design!

It’s like a branded mask 🙂

Snaptotes | Fabric Face Mask – CustomSnaptotes | Fabric Face Mask – Custom

Place your order or custom the design with trendy styles you want on your masks.

Gift #14 – Pen

A good quality pen can be a small gift to fit into your gift basket.

Gift #15 – Canon Digital Camera

This is literally the best gift idea for bloggers! I’m so sure your instagram blogger friend would be thrilled with excitement if she/he finds out about this gift.

Canon Digital Camera

This is a best quality camera to capture photos and record videos. Anyone can use this to record video tutorials for a youtube channel etc

Gift #16 – Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is so helpful for work from home individuals.

This laptop stand from Rain Design is of high quality and so affordable.

Gift #17 – Laptop Bag

My sister recently gifted a super cute laptop bag when I was in UAE. You can get your blogger friend this gift too!

I’m sure she will like it as much as I do 🙂

This is a cute laptop bag to check out.

Gift #18 – Cellphone Tripod Stand

Anyone who records videos with a cellphone would definitely love this gift.

Cellphone tripod stand

Do you want more ideas on tripod stand?

A blogger's gift guide. These are some really simple and cool gift ideas for bloggers. A practical gift guide for bloggers. Find the best gift ideas for bloggers, entrepreneurs and online business owners. #giftideasA blogger's gift guide. These are some really simple and cool gift ideas for bloggers. A practical gift guide for bloggers. Find the best gift ideas for bloggers, entrepreneurs and online business owners. #giftideas

Gift #19 – Mugs

A cute gift mug is always welcome 🙂

Inspirational Mug

Funny quote mug

Gift #20 – 3 wick candle

This is more like the best gift idea for female bloggers. Whether you know a lifestyle blogger, or homemaker friend, you can give a cute set of candles.

Gorgeous 3 wick candle

Gift #21 – Inspirational wall art

I love this gift idea so much!

This inspirational wall art is a perfect addition to a home office. You can decorate your room wall with this cute arts.

Gift #22 – Legal Templates

You may want to ask your blogger friend if he has professional legal templates or not? This is the most important document for any online blog or business. And, most bloggers risk their businesses by not creating legal pages.

This legal template bundle is a collection of all important legal pages to run an online website. By getting this bundle, your blog is legally protective.

Gift #23 Stock Photo Subscription

OMG, surprise your female blogger friend with a stock photo subscription! I can’t tell you how much she is going to love these stock photos for her blog.

Whether she is on Instagram, Facebook or just has a website, she would love to use a set of stock photos.

These are high quality, professional and beautiful photos for bloggers, content creators, and business owners.

You can get 3 month or yearly subscription with them. It’s so affordable too! 🙂

Here are some sites I love and truly recommend;

Pixistock Photos

Styled Stock Photos

IvoryMix Photos

That’s it 🙂

Aren’t these some really good gift ideas for bloggers?

I have listed out some best business books for entrepreneurs and bloggers. You can find a good book as a gift 🙂

Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers – The Blogger’s Gift Guide

I’m sure you are going to pick some best gifts for your blogger friend.

I hope all of these cute gift ideas for bloggers will help you find great ideas!

Source: 22 Best Gift Ideas For Bloggers [they would love]

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Written by Arfa Nazeer

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